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Easton Stealth RS rukavice

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The Easton Stealth RS hockey gloves are headlining the new 2012 Easton Stealth line. These top of the line RS gloves feature first-class technology such as the angled cuff roll design, AX Suede Palm, and Dri-Lex Liner.

  • Exterior:
    • Pro Nylon- Very durable and breathable 
    • Textured synthetic leather
  • Protection:
    • Mid-density foams with plastic inserts throughout gives the Easton RS glove outstanding strength and protection with a lightweight feel
  • Palm:
    • AX Suede palm has a very comfortable and thin feel but is built to last longer than prior palms
  • Liner:
    • Dri-Lex Liner dries swiftly and offers an enjoyable feel inside of the glove
  • Fit:
    • Tapered fit - Closer fit in the fingers then opens up in the cuff. Ensures that that glove moves with the hand without reducing wrist mobility
    • The angled cuff roll design has a free and non-constricting fit on the hand
    • Triple-segmented fingers and flex thumb gives a non-constricting feel on the fingers as well
    • Flex Flare - Functions with the cuff roll design to give a free-floating feel without forfeiting any protection
    • Flex Thumb - Allows the thumb to flex forward bettering stick-control and prevents the thumb from flexing backward preventing injury
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