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Easton HSX rukavice SR

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The Easton Synergy HSX Hockey Gloves are the flagship model in the Synergy series. Built for responsiveness, these gloves are fit close to the hand to reduce negative space. The Hyperskin™ fit on the palm is designed to fit close to the hand for awesome feel and connection to the stick. High quality materials are utilized to provide a very protective glove that is mobile and breathable.

Dual density foams reinforced by plastic inserts throughout the glove provide an advanced level of protection. These gloves also feature a 2-piece Ergo Flex thumb that has excellent forward flex and prevents hyperextension. The Pro Nylon exterior is outfitted with synthetic leather on the high wear areas for a longer lasting glove that stretches and breathes.

Easton's Hyperskin™ fit system is truly felt in this glove, which acts as a "second-skin" for unreal feel and connection to the stick. The Ax™ Suede 2-piece palm has a triple fiber construction for an extremely soft feel that has abrasion properties built to make the palm last. Easton also introduced the Nanosense™ liner which is very soft, providing a high level of comfort while also wicking away moisture. 

  • Exterior: 
    • Pro Nylon shell
      • Breathes and stretches well
    • Synthetic leather in the high wear areas
  • Protection: 
    • Dual-density foams backed by plastic inserts
      • Provides and advanced level of protection in the fingers, backhand and finger block
    • Ergo Flex thumb
      • Excellent forward flex and prevents hyperextension
  • Palm:
    • Hyperskin™ Fit
      • "Second-skin" that provides great connection to the stick
    • Ax™ Suede 2-piece palm
      • Super soft for great stick feel with integrated abrasion properties
  • Liner:
    • Nanosense™
      • Extremely soft for a high level of comfort and wicks away moisture
  • Fit:
    • Contoured - Is a form fitting glove that reduces negative space for maximum energy transfer
    • 3-piece flare flex cuff
      • Ample wrist movement
    • 3-piece index and middle fingers
      • Enhances dexterity

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